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About me.

One Bien at a Time.


Green Bien Designs is a small home-based business that sells jewelry, paintings, graphics, and more, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

While GBD uses an array of mediums, the primary focus is to reuse and repurpose old materials into something new and creative! Many of the materials used are collected from friends, work places, or classroom recycling. That which is not created/reused, is most likely locally sourced (I wish everything I used could be!). This is where the "Green" in GBD comes from. The "Bien", pronounced "bean," is a nickname of my last name that has followed me (the artist) since I was young, along with several others (beanie, beany-baby, beanster…you get the picture). 

Currently, GBD provides freelance design work for local businesses and clients in and around Ann Arbor, and has expanded to clients as far as California and Colorado. GBD also sells jewelry, paintings, knit/crochet items, and other mixed media online, and at local festivals and art fairs (Ann Arbor Art Fair '14, '15
, '16).

About the Artist: 
Hi, my name is Lindsay! I live in Ann Arbor with loving dog, Lucy. I have a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Science, both from the University of Michigan (School of Art & Design, School of Natural Resources and the Environment). I currently work at Fraser's Pub and am a Marketing Consultant for BGreen Today. The rest of my time is spent exploring downtown A2, taking care of Lucy, and doing what I love most…creating! 

If ever interested in something you don't see on this site, please feel free to contact with a request!


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